C.T.E. Cablaggi is specialized in the production of precision cablings of different types:

  • Silicon cables
  • H05VK
  • Neoprene cables
  • Levapren cables
  • Fibre cables
  • N07VK
  • Up to 20kw of discharge and 260° temperature resistant cables
  • Ignition and detection cables
  • Power cables for batteries or other use
  • Small cables with seaming and tinning done automatically with Coprifaston insert

The company is equipped with cutting edge machinery which can cut any kind of cables – silicon, solid, multi-core, flat cables, shielded cables, etc., as well as perform the cutting of sheaths and thermo-shrinkable tubes.

  • inkjet branding of the cables in any font or size, with ho limits in the lenght
  • seaming of bare pre-isolated terminals and terminals with watertight rubber
  • flat cables
  • ramified electrical cables
  • power electrical cables
  • electrical signal cables with traditional connectors and insulation displacement connectors (IDC)

The production system of C.T.E. Cablaggi allows the production of electrical cablings in small, medium and large series. The company can quickly satisfy any kind of request.

The company works in the following fields:
  • Illumination cables
  • Power and robotic cables
  • Cabling for household appliances
  • Cabling for industrial electronics
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Automotive wiring
  • Wiring for electromechanical systems
  • Power supply cables with plug
  • Customized electrical insert moulding

C.T.E. Cablaggi's staff is available for advice and free quotations.